This series is a mixture of workshops and discussions on self-organisation and non-hierarchical work practices. It aims to bring together practitioners and theorists of forms of organisation that eschew hierarchical modes of division of labour as part of a critique of the imposition of work and productivity for profit to share working practices and collectively address their problems, obstacles, successes, and aspirations.
The encounters aim to provide an initial platform to reflect on current practices, establish networks and create shared concept-tools that can be used in different situations. We will begin from our questions, discomforts and curiosities: What dispositives feed the potential of collective practices? What makes self organisation different from self management? How do we inhabit, modulate and speak about groups? How do we share tasks, pass on knowledges, reach out or support each other through this crisis?
The guests we have invited will offer some points of departure for us to take elsewhere. The purpose is to increase our awareness of the modalities through which we become, act, and affect one another in common. As an experimental beginning, we wanted to focus each of the first set of encounters around four broad themes. We hope that this project may continue and transform itself based on the inputs and desires of all those involved.
As part of the project, recordings, materials and other resources will be made available online here: http://self-org.blogspot.com/
For enquiries and suggestions, send an email to: selforganising@gmail.com
All sessions are free and open to the public to participate.