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1) Self-organization and group dynamics

David Vercauteren, Micropolitiques des groupes. Pour une écologie des pratiques collectives, 2007 HB éditions. also in Spanish for Traficantes de Suenos.

Open Organisations Project

Critical Practice,

The Co-op Tools List
A collection of simple techniques that help make co-operation easier.

Asambleas y reuniones. Metodologías de autoorganización
Ana Rosa Lorenzo Vila y Miguel Martínez López
Available online in pdf:

Gilbert Simondon, L'individuation psychique et collective (Paris, Aubier, 1989 et 2007 - préface de Bernard Stiegler)

The Immeasurable Excess: The transversal Subject group in Guattari's early work.

Deleuze, Guattari, Anti–Oedipus, University of Minnesota Press.

2) Self-organization and the economy

Will Bradley, Mika Hannula, Cristina Ricupero (eds) Self-organisation Counter Economic Strategies, Superflex, NIFCA 2006.

The New Cooperativism Affinities Journal vol.4 n.1, 2010

Ned Rossiter, Organised Networks

Open Enterprise manifesto

Florian Schneider: Collaboration

3) Self-organization and community

C. Petcou, D.Petrescu, Acting Space
Published in Multitudes 3/ 2007, Urban/Act and included in the disobedience archive

D. Petrescu, Jardinieres du commun
published in Multitudes 44/2010
and Trans-Local-Act.

C. Petcou, D.Petrescu, At the Ground Level of the City
Published in Multitudes 20/2005
and The Right to the City (Sydney, 2011)

What makes a biopolitical place?
A Discussion with Toni Negri, Constantin Petcou, Doina Petrescu, Anne Querrien, Paris - September 17, 2007
Published in Multitudes 3/ 2007

Atelier d’Architecture Autogereè.

Antigona Procesos Partecipativos:

Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

Park Fiction

Participation - A User's Guide

Brager, G. & Specht, H. (1973) Community Organizing, New York: Columbia University Press.

Burghardt, S. (1982) The Other Side of Organizing, Cambridge, Mass.: Schenkman.

Kuenstler, P. (ed.) (1961) Community Organization in Great Britain, London: Faber and Faber.

Steiner, J. F (1925) Community Organization. A study of its theory and current practice (rev. edn 1930), New York: Century.

4) Self-organization and pedagogy

Jean Oury, Le Collective, Seminaire au Saint’Anne.

Lapassade, George, L'Autogestion pédagogique, Gauthiers-Villars, 1971.

Michel Lobrot, ‘La pédagogie institutionnelle’ (1966).

Celestin Freinet Participatory Action Research

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